Dr. Bradley M. Battista

Geophysicist, Chief Technologist

West Columbia, SC, USA bbattista@energeosol.com skills resume PDF


I hold a broad definition of energy. While it powers our technologies, it also nourishes our bodies, minds, and souls. I live this perspective as a Geophysicist, Process Coach, and Raw Food/Vegan Chef. Energy moves from our planets and environments through our crops, through our devices, into our personal spaces, into our bodies, and ultimately into our perspective. It is both a personal and community responsibility to manage ourselves and our resources for efficient and healthy living.

My personal goals involve using my knowledge of the Earth, Technology, and Health to drive myself toward being the most perfect self I can be such that every experience brings growth and wisdom. I find this to be fulfilling for myself as well as those around me, and believe this is ultimately a shared goal for humanity as a whole.