EnerGeo Solutions is accustomed to the challenges of the industry. We know how to build and maintain mission-critical data warehouses to keep your data flowing through all stages of your projects. We can offer consultation, support, and maintenance for all or part of your project needs.

Virtual Private Servers:
It is common in today’s Cloud-driven market to have a Virtual Private Server (VPS) performing at least some of your project needs. EnerGeo Solutions has solid experience with Linux-based servers. We specialize in configuring and maintaining Debian-based Linux, but are also knowledgeable to support CentOS, RedHat, etc distros.

Virtual Private Networks:
A natural addition to modern Cloud services and VPS is a virtual private network (VPN). Its job is to unify data flow through the remote servers, offices, employees, and clients. We offer OpenVPN server and client solutions. We also offer router-based configuration to make this as transparent as possible, as the router-level VPN will cover all devices within its network. This may be accomplished by utilizing a high-end commercial router, a router capable of being flashed with the free OpenWRT firmware, or as a pre-configured, pluggable module to supplement any conventional router.

File sharing and storage:
EnerGeo Solutions knows how to keep data safe and available in a variety of scenarios. Some examples include the use of third-party solutions such as Dropbox, others require dedicated computer space, and still others require specific protocols and securities for implementation. We can help you design and deploy office and internet solutions to keep your data secure. We can handle hardware solutions ranging from USB drives and NAS all the way through high-availability servers using RAID or ZFS architectures. We can handle software solutions ranging from entirely local through entirely cloud based. And that’s not it! We can ensure that your data are automatically backed up, secured, and routed to all necessary destinations without requiring expensive or third-party solutions.