EnerGeo Solutions understands the power of visualization. We feel so strongly about the power of multimedia in data processing that we often go so far as to create our own resources. Although in today’s market there are rapidly growing libraries being developed from like-minded data scientists, and we take every opportunity to leverage them whenever available.

It’s only natural that we use our modern world’s go-to multimedia warehouse (aka the internet) for toolchains that we can leverage in our analysis and visualization. Everything is online these days- video, audio, vector, raster, most of our data even lives in the cloud on some level. It makes sense to deploy workflows there, too.

EnerGeo Solutions frequently combines CesiumJS, Leaflet, OpenLayers, and D3js to create powerful online solutions to geospatial data processing and visualization, and we are proficient using Perl, Python, SQL, and a number of supporting languages to maximize the latest technologies for processing, visualization, collaboration, and reporting.