Featured Projects

EnerGeo Solutions has varied experience across the landscape of government, industry, and academic research and development. Often this experience is shared across the entire landscape in a given project.

Web-Based GIS: Asset Positioning and Tracking Using IoT, and Using the Web Interface for Data Processing and Reporting

We are currently developing IoT webapps for vessel tracking, hydrographic and sub-bottom data processing. The key to interoperability lies in using open-source data models as well as providing portable, lightweight user interfaces to the consumer. AI/ML may be introduced into the workflow providing data communications, processing and training data are properly configured.

Citizen Science: State-Held, Public Lidar Helps a Neighborhood Preserve and Protect its Watershed

EnerGeo Solutions obtained and analyzed Lidar data from North Carolina Spatial Data Download(https://sdd.nc.gov/) in order to address a concern for the health of a dam that contributes to the drainage, potential for flooding and loss of life for residents of the downstream street. The full report will be posted upon completion.

BOEM Wind Energy Offshore of South Carolina

BOEM- SC call areas for wind energy efforts.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management entered a cooperative agreement with the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium. This project, titled: “Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Development: Geophysical Mapping, Oceanographic Data Collection, and Identification of Paleolandscapes and Historic Shipwrecks offshore South Carolina” provides the environmental and socioeconomic study needed for the assessment and management of environmental impacts introduced by the development of offshore wind energy. It is a joint effort between the University of South Carolina and Coastal Carolina University, having additional participation from the College of Charleston and EnerGeo Solutions. EnerGeo Solutions brings advisement in the data integration of multibeam, backscatter, sub-bottom, and magnetometer datasets into a GIS environment while also providing workflows and training to Principal Investigators and student researchers.

Panamanian Seismicity

Earthquake Browser- heatmap and 3D map showing updated seismic activity in acting on the Panama Block

The USGS performed a study titled “Volcán Barú: Eruptive History and Volcano-Hazards Assessment” in 2007-2008. EnerGeo Solutions took interest in this work and decided to expand and update the research efforts. This work required living in remote regions of Panama and accessing the local earthquake seismological networks. Data resulting from the efforts of IGC-UNIVERSIDAD DE PANAMÁ and OSOP were acquired and analyzed. The data reveals additional patterns of, and occurrence of seismic activity within historic seismic gaps throughout the Isthmus of Panama. In these reactivating seismic gaps there are recent observable patterns of migrating brittle-stress loci occurring as short-term, annual and perhaps even bi-annual events. There is a strengthening correlation between the seismic resurgence in seismic gaps along Panama’s plate boundaries and elevated risks associated with Volcán Barú. EnerGeo Solutions has already developed a webapp for searching and visualizing the earthquake catalogs available in Panama, and seeks to continue this research with further investigation, particularly relating to the Panama Fracture Zone.