EnerGeo Solutions has a deep relationship to Linux. We understand that Microsoft and Apple fill other niches better, and so we use those systems for those projects. BUT… most things on the consumer fringe (either heavy scientific computing power or specialized and stripped down simplicity) are carried by Linux, and this is where our unique skills find a home.

We use Linux on our phones, on our routers, on most of our computers, and exclusively in our embedded projects. Because using Linux is a daily practice for us, we can quickly scale it to fit any need. This can be something as simple as a router to something as advanced as an automated tracking and reporting utility for vehicle tracking. Embedded computing was revolutionized by a trend to make affordable hardware that was pre-built into modules running a native Linux distribution. This made it possible for a massive community to start developing, and is the birth of Internet of Things (IoT).

Raspberry Pi is one of many embedded computing solutions. It was primarily intended for educational use but has gained significant industrial use as its community is so massive. It’s low price and hardware-friendly design make it a natural choice for prototyping, but often the project can stop there as it is also quite a robust piece of hardware.