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EnerGeo Solutions understands how much effort goes into preparing your research for proposal, defense, and publication – in University departments, in University libraries, and in peer-reviewed journals.

As a Master’s and Doctoral degree holders, we understand the specific needs of each.  We work with master’s and doctoral students who are attending campus-based or online universities, and who are focused on geosciences involving the earth, oceans, engineering, GIS, math, and computer sciences.
[su_pullquote align=”right” class=””]If you cannot communicate your work to your audience, you cannot defend it, and if you cannot defend it… it’s worthless… you cannot get a degree for that. –former committee member.[/su_pullquote]

Most Advanced Degree curriculum in the sciences fail to include business, marketing, and communications skills as core requirements, but without them your work will NOT reach its audience.

Why gamble the success of your research learning these skills?  We can help you remove the “gamble” at an affordable cost, and you will gain the skills as we work with you toward your goals.

Our dissertation services include helping you with topic selection and the development of your literature review, and working with you on formulating your hypotheses and research questions as well as designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative data analysis. We are experts in data management, data processing, data analysis, programming, APA formatting and editing, and we can help you prepare your defense, including working with you on presentations.

We adhere to the same principles of academic integrity and copyright that your institution mandates. We cannot perform your research, fabricate your data, or ghostwrite any part of your research. What we can do is provide you one-on-one, personalized thesis, dissertation, and capstone consulting services to help you produce a research proposal, thesis, dissertation, or research project that meets scholarly writing standards and that is earned legitimately.