EnerGeo Solutions has a reputation for developing custom solutions. This results from two primary factors: 1) a challenge is so innovative that there is no commercially available solution, or 2) a challenge is so specific that any commercially available support would require extensive customization. The former, and often times the latter, are directly served by a custom solution. The latter is sometimes available in a commercial product if the vendor supports a well-developed API or supports open data formats. In either case, detailed knowledge of the project objectives, data types, and software limitations are mandatory for effectively reaching the end products.

Our experiential micro-macro view of geospatial workflows enables us not only to design and implement superior workflows, but also to share our understanding in a learning environment. EnerGeo solutions enjoys sharing and exchanging expertise as this is a necessary component of growth and success. We are available for full-spectrum training whether it is how to use a commercial product or how to develop your own. Data management, processing, analysis, interpretation, visualization, automation, reporting,… you name it, we understand it.